Each year the Posbury Trust allocates a sum of money to be given as grants to projects that are in sympathy with its objectives. Largely these are projects that:

There are two rounds of grants each year with decisions being made in April and October.


Beneficiaries will be from the County of Devon or, if from outside the County, be undertaking a project for the benefit of a community/communities in Devon and which is consistent with the Objects of the Trust.

Types of Grants

Grants fall into two categories.

Community Grants

These are made to religious and educational bodies, primarily Anglican, pursuing some aspect of the trust's objects. These are seed corn grants and are normally one-off but may be awarded over a specified number of years. The award of a grant in any one year may not preclude an organisation submitting a subsequent application for consideration by the trustees. Please note that the trustees would not normally support funding for building projects or salaries.

Community grants awarded in recent years have included:

Applications for community grants are only considered in April each year.

Personal Grants

Grants may also be awarded to individuals to support research, or to establish resources or courses, in an area consistent with the Trust's objects.

Individual grants awarded in recent years have included:

The Trust is open to grant requests supporting postgraduate education and training, but grant levels will depend on the impact of any study with regards to our charitable objectives, not simply a relevant research topic. Successful grants would still usually be modest in comparison to the typical overall cost of such studies.

These study/research based personal grants are only considered in April of each year.

Individuals may also apply for financial support to help with the cost of going on retreat - please read the PSFT Retreats Policy before you make your application. Grants for retreats would cover up to 50% of the total cost up to a maximum grant of £200.

Individual applications for retreats are considered in both April and October.


Applications for both community and personal grants of all types are welcomed between January and March each year for consideration in April.

Applications for retreat-based personal grants only are welcomed in September of each year for consideration in October.

The application opening and closing dates will be advertised through the Diocese of Exeter's Roots and Shoot weekly email. You may sign up for this at

The application forms will be downloadable from the Posbury Trust website during the application windows only.

The applications are considered by a trustee sub-committee and applicants will be notified of the decision by email in the weeks following the meeting.

Recipients of grants will be invited to submit a concise report to the trustees stating the benefits the grant has brought to the recipients and their beneficiaries. In the case of grants awarded for a number of years interim reports should be submitted annually with a final report at the end.


Grant application forms will no longer be available after the open period ends on the 31st of March.
This document was last updated in November 2023.